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This is a fantastic firstling debut. Green Lantern is not just reborn, he is redeemed!

Skyflix has managed to transform this maligned and misdirected (and yet, guilty pleasure) movie into a rock solid superhero movie equal to any of the current Marvelverse features.

Every single scene has been either trimmed, rearranged, polished and/or altered. What emerges is a superhero movie worthy of it's mythos. Now, Hal Jordan, while still a bit of maverick, he is also more professional, more of an everyman that you like and can relate to.... Yes, he is a man with doubts and fears but they do not make him quit at the first sign of trouble or insecurity. He faces his fears and conquers it.

The relationship between Hal and Carol feels more real now. I buy their romance now and could understand the attraction and history between the two characters much better.

Hector has been smartly refocused. No longer is he so schizophrenic. Right from the beginning he is a darker, troubled character whose decent into evil feels more believable.

And Sinestro? It is amazing, with a few cut lines and deletion of the yellow ring subplot, he becomes one of the most dynamic and relatable characters... a man struggling over the loss of his best friend and protecting the only thing he has ever believed it -- the Green Lantern Corps.

In terms of narration, this fan edit is excellent. Yes, as a long time Green Lantern fan, I did miss a few cut things -- Hal's relationship with his brothers and the previously mentioned Yellow Power Ring storyline -- but these do nothing to move the main story forward and Skyflix was brilliant in his removal of these elements.

The video quality is perfect, equal to the Blu-ray. In the jet crash flashback, Slyflix has added a slight yellow filter to Hal's memories, which I thought was sheer brilliance since this is Hal's driving fear. Skyflix added some new cosmic shots that he has matted to match the film's aspect ratio which look beautiful. Though I thought I could see a glimmer of the footage at the bottom of the screen in my viewer when I rewatched this movie for the THIRD TIME (yes, I love this edit that much!!!) last night. Again, not a big deal, as I obviously did not notice it on my first 2 viewings...LOL!

There is some incredible audio work done in this edit, new music added to many scenes. Most work exceptionally well; maybe a bit on the low or loud side here or there, but nothing to detract from the experience.

The cut work is really good. I did not notice any flash frames or significant technical issues. There was one or two slightly awkward scene transition cuts, but based on the material I am not sure if there was any other way to restructure them. Skyflix also added slow-mo to a couple of shots, which I liked for it really for its dramatic effect but others may disagree.

Again, this an awesome edit. It is immensely entertaining and it lives up to the legacy of the Green Lantern legend. I highly recommend it.


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Owner's reply July 11, 2014

Sincere and grateful thanks BionicBob! Your review is amazing and very thorough. I'm currently trying to build an SD version and I do notice now the glimmer problem, thanks for pointing that out. I would also like to acknowledge your contribution to the final product. Thank you immensely for your support and advice!

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