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Extended Edition February 25, 2023 1348
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The magic of this film is the care-free attitude of the main character, while we see him struggle and exploit him supposed "Infinite Reset" button, and so far as extended editions go, we get to see more of it.

Quality of the edits is superb, you can see that they don't hold up to source material, but the way they were cleaned and corrected, it won't bother you further than initial cut.

Yes, we can see and understand why the scenes were cut, they were after all just a redundant exposition to show, just how long Phil was repeating the same day, what he did, and what skills he acquired out of boredom. Honestly, the addition of his pool and bowling apparent mastery, almost makes you "feel" like he was looping way longer than original film.

My favorite addition is Phil saving a girl from the truck, since it incorporates a little bit of comedy much more tonally fitting the original film, and not just exposition of yet another skill and douchey behavior reminiscent to the first part of the film. Much more humane scene.

As far as recommendations go, it will be definitely an enjoyable watch for any fan of the film. I suppose it wouldn't be a go-to version if you want to introduce someone to the film for the first time, but it might become yours favorite edition to re-watch.

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