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So, this was the movie that made me give up on the MCU. It was basically a stupid, soulless cash-in that was so busy trying to recreate the feeling of the first movie that it completely missed the point of what made the first movie one of the best movies in the MCU. I seriously haven't watched another MCU movie since it came out (lol, I know, a little dramatic, but I've also been busy, its not all drama). All that is here to put this in perspective. This edit is amazing. It trimmed out all of the BS and returned the movie to what it should have been, an exploration of the meaning of family and the question of the value of blood over found family. Simply amazing. I didn't really think the movie could be salvaged, but not only was it salvaged, it was pimped out.

As for the edits and the technical side of things, everything seemed seamless to me, I never noticed them at least, and that is all the technical info I have, so take that with a grain of salt.

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