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Full disclosure - I find Halloween 5 to be so bland that I have never been able to enjoy it. I don’t even particularly enjoy Loomis even though he is legitimately one of my favorite movie characters ever. LastSurvivor hasn’t made a movie that I enjoy but he’s certainly made one that I can tolerate. Believe me, that’s an accomplishment.

I did ding the edit a point on video editing and I’ll explain why. It’s not so much that there’s a jarring edit or anything like that. LastSurvivor is an incredibly talented editor. My issue stems from a costume change for a character with no explanation. The character of Spitz is dressed as a farmer in one scene but immediately dressed in a mechanics suit in the next. Those who have seen the movie know that this is because he played a prank where he was dressed as Michael Myers in between those two scenes. Cutting that scene out though leaves the viewer wondering why the change happened. It’s a rock and a hard place sometimes because do you leave a subpar scene in for continuity or cut it? I lean toward leave it but I understand the choices that were made.

The highest compliment I could give this edit is that it would be added to my October rotation of Halloween movies when I typically skip Halloween 5 altogether. Do I love it? No. Is it the best possible version of this movie? I genuinely think so. If you’re someone who has moderately enjoyed Halloween 5, you’ll love this. If you’re like me and you’ve hated it, you find this a welcome way to revisit it… at least in October. Fantastic job in putting together the best version of this movie possible. Not all heroes wear capes.
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