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I have to admit that H5 is a guilty pleasure of mine. Since it first came out on VHS I watched it far too many times, despite all it's obvious flaws. Still there's something about it's special atmosphere and the acting that always kept luring me back.
So I was curious and anxious at the same time to watch LastSurvivor's take on it, but I enjoyed it - in a curious way. Curious because at least 15 minutes are missing, and still I didn't miss them. LastSurvivor chopped away in this movie in a way that would have made Michael Myers proud, but the edits are well motivated and flawlessly executed. I especially admire the cut between the main title and the first scene in the hospital - that must have been difficult.
The only drawback of this version in my opinion is a very minor one - the movie is too short. It hits the 71 minute mark when the end credits start to roll, which makes it too short for a feature film. But shortening H5 is obviously the only way to improve it, and as quality goes over quantity I can only say: well done, LastSurvivor.

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