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This fanedit is very good and delivers what it's supposed to be: the complete Story of Laurie Strode presented in a single movie.

- The technical part is a total success. Music and pictures continuity is pretty much the same all along the edit. You still feel some music from the H20 movie is different in tone than the music from the "past" movies, but it works. Times has passed, so it's not jarring to have some differences in tone. But "sound quality wise" I never told myself "oh oh, there's something strange here". Nope, everything is constant.

- The visual editing is very good too. From the opening sequence that introduces the present day along with some key elements for the audience to understand what is at stake to the transition between the 3 movies. Everything worked.
The opening sequence was particulary interesting to me because A: it's edited in a manner that it felt like I was reading a book. I don't know how to explain it, it's just what I felt. AND B: it lets the faneditor free to leave behind those explanations and not cut the story of Laurie with exposition scenes that would slow the pace.
The directing of the H20 movie felt pretty different from the directing of the past movies but there's not much things one can do to change this.

Now, some little nitpicks from me:

- When you have two movies that basicaly tell one story followed by the third movie sets 20 years later for the conclusion: you feel the conclusion is "an addition". No matter how good the transition is done.
The only way to work around that is to make your fanedit go back and forth from present day to past at some points to make the whole thing more homogeneous. But Last Survivor's goal for the edit is to tell the story more or less chronologicaly (except for the opening sequence) and it is understandable. Cutting from one time to another would slow the pace and remove a lot of tension, and for a movie like Halloween it would not have been smart. So I think Last Survivor took the wright approach. It's just that after the opening sequence I was set for an edit that would mix the time period at least 1 or 2 points along the way.

- The lenght. I know, 2h40 for a "3 movies in 1" edit is a success. I applaud Last Survivor for that. But I can't help feeling it's still 15 minutes too long for me. I'd be interested to know why Last Survivor let the scene from H20 with the mother and the girl in the toilet for example. I'm not sure it is needed because it shows that Myers is really back before Laurie knows. I would have let the audience wondering if Laurie is really in danger or not and just have to deal with her mental problems. (but maybe it would have been too much time without a scary scene? Maybe that's why it is used here?). Anyway, just thinking out loud.

- Laurie knowing about Myers being her brother is done in an understandable way (she remembers during her sleep, as far as I understood. Or maybe she always knew, it's just that the audience undertands it now?), but it is still a bit too subtle, IMO. because when later she speaks and says "Michael" I told myself "Wait, she knows his name?" and "Oh yes, she remembered him in that dream." So, it works on a storytelling level but I was still doubtful about something for a second. Or maybe it's just me.

As you see, even the nitpicks I have I understand them. I had a real pleasure waching the complete Laurie Strode story in the best possible way, thanks to Last Survivor. One of the best faneditors around.

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Owner's reply October 31, 2015

Thanks for the review TMBTM... much appreciated as always. That scene with the mother and the girl from H20, well I have to say I kept changing my mind about whether to include it. It does go against my intention of only really having important characters in this, but I let the fact that I genuinely like that scene a lot win out in the end. I think it's so creepy when she just sees Michael through the crack in the toilet door, I just couldn't help but keep it in. However, I concede that it's not necessary and the scene could easily go. Might even be better without it.

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