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Definitely a very solid edit. I viewed a very early version of this edit and the narrative has really been strengthened since that early cut so congrats to JNisch on all their hard work. All the cuts and additions have really made Loomis the star here and it definitely works. Though being more of a supporting character or second lead here, Laurie's story is still given room to breathe and she remains an important part of the narrative. You still feel the same attachments you would have to characters even if they don't have quite as much screen time.

Great job inserting the Loomis centric scenes from the TV Cut of Halloween. I myself have always loved them and they fit right in here. Kudos as well for pairing down the runtime to Halloween II. I feel you need very little of this movie to tell a full story. I did enjoy a lot of the score replacements and scoring more of Loomis scenes did help him feel more like the main character. Though the feel of the Halloween 1-3 scores can be quite different, I didn't find it particularly distracting to have all of them present here.

I have a few nitpicks but they are minor. Audio removal tool could probably help limit the amount of the original soundtrack is present when Judith yells Michaels name. While I'm absolutely in love with the somber version of "Don't Fear the Reaper" used to close out the movie, the original version of "Don't Fear the Reaper" used to open the movie just didn't quite work tonally for me. I do however know this is personal preference and many have loved this. Lastly, Laurie mentions someone watching her in Mr. Riddle's back yard while Annie guesses it was actually just Mr. Riddle. With Laurie actually seeing Michael in her backyard being cut, you can't really say who's right. I would've preferred either that scene been left in or this dialogue exchange been cut. Again, these are minor when weighted against the edit as a whole.

A fun way to watch Halloween and Halloween II for sure! Great to see how far this edit came from its early inception!
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