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(Updated: September 26, 2020)
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As usual, Bobson's choice in movies to edit are great. I'm a big fan of their style of making only minor edits and rearrangements to further enhance a movie that is already good. The small rearrangement of the big "positive change" scenes felt right for the narrative, and the removal of the few scenes with really gross humor keep you from getting distracted or pulled out of the movie (and I agree with them about the Groundhog Day reference, why make people think about that while watching your film!?). Though you can't but think that the scene at the restaurant has been moved in the back of your head, simply based on the dialogue. I wish the editor had more to work with there!

The grading also makes the film look better overall, though I do wish the bitrate was higher. I didn't notice any obvious cuts in the audio or video made, so this works for a first time viewer or someone who's seen the original. It looks great on my 21-inch monitor, but it isn't quite high quality enough for a big TV. I would chalk this up as another win for Bobson Dugnutt, and I'm looking forward to the edit of the sequel mentioned, I trust I will agree with the changes being made!

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