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(Updated: April 12, 2018)
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I would say this is one of the most ambitious edits I've seen, and it was mostly done pretty well.

AV quality was solid, a good quality image for most of the film, but cropped scenes are pretty blurry, as well as some deleted scenes. But they're overall not too bad.

A/V editing varies, sometimes the removal of Harry is barely noticeable, sometimes rotoscoping and masking doesn't work too well, as others have pointed out. Some cuts were slightly abrupt, but nothing you can't look past. The combination of movies makes the colour frequently change, and perhaps for part 2 could be added colour correction? The Jim Dale sections imo were very noticeable, it just felt like a dub or something. Mostly I didn't like the editing during the second trial, where you attempted to replace Harry with Krum, as it just feels off. His lines are odd, too loud, and does not blend with the tone/music of the scene. The addition of Snape in DA though was done better. Overall, it still is in my opinion a wonderful job in the technical area. I mean, I can barely do a small fraction of the effects that was put in.

Narrative was not bad, very creative. I kinda liked how you twisted the story without changing too much of the story of GoF, and I like that the characters can be very visibly seen here to grow, unlike when the focus was on Harry.

Enjoyment I put a high rating due to the fact that I really enjoyed it. I watched this first with my sister who is not a very avid HP fan and she really liked it. Her main complains were when the Jim Dale parts came out, especially the Sorting Hat song.

Overall, a great edit from an ambitious concept. I watched this twice about a few days apart and the second time I watched with the editor's commentary which makes me really appreciate this edit and the hard work put into it. Excellent job, RollWave!
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