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(Updated: September 07, 2012)
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geminigod jul 20 2011

I finally got around to watching this. (In fact I watched it with my mother!)

1) I think the Lumos! extra feature was my favorite part! The creative fun you had with it really showed. It also technically impressed me. I’m still not really sure how you fluidly worked the split screen like you did! And it was set brilliantly to the chosen music.

2) Presentation-wise, this fanedit is brilliant. The menu and extras (including the hidden easter egg video) is fantastic! AEmovieguy is definitely not short on creativity.

2) As far as the movie goes, I was pretty excited about the plan for this edit. After watching it, I had two separate feelings. For me personally as someone who is familiar with the book and theatrical release I was overall grateful for the cuts made, glad it was shorter, and sometimes wishing it were even shorter yet. But simultaneously I couldn’t help but feel that perhaps he cut too deeply unnecessarily in some scenes at the cost of character, story development, and dramatic tension, and not enough in a couple spots surrounding your camping cuts where the characters’ reactions now don’t make sense. (There were also a couple awkward fades in the camping stuff.) I fear that someone watching this who had never seen the original or read the book would be very confused and feel that the movie felt disjointed. This seems to be one of the more challenging concepts with fanediting. Because of the audience here, faneditors can often get away with leaving certain character or story threads a little splinched, but when taken in as an original story and graded soley on its own merit, critics would probably respond less favorably.

3) I watched the AVCHD version. The audio sounded excellent. Strong work there. Visually I suspect this edit looks great on DVD. On AVCHD it doesn’t look bad per say, but just not as good as it could given the blu-ray source. This is more apparent in some scenes due to your adjustment to the luma levels, but that color correcting effect seems to just be enhancing some other underlying compression or resolution data loss that occurred prior to applying the effect. This is evident in the Lumos extra video comparing both versions side by side.

With all that in mind, I rated this edit 7/10.

AEmovieguy put an impressive amount of work into this and it shows. It is not perfect in my opinion, but it is well worth the time to watch for anyone like myself who felt the source material for this story was flawed and who does not want to see an exact reproduction of The Deathly Hallows book.
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