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This edit again is well done, just like the other parts of the series.
I liked the cut of the Ron being mad at Harry part, and that a little bit of the shouting of the new mad Dumbledore was removed. I also loved the decition to cut out the mini dragons before the actual battle.

I only wished the scene were Harry spits his drink on himself, while the girls are watching over, was cut completely. He could have just watched over and they could have laughed or someething like that. I also would have wished for Dumbledore not to scream at the end of the underwater competition where he announces the winners. He says "attention" normally and waves his arm, would have been cool if this would have been enough since everyone respects him, instead of getting attention only by screaming during the entire movie.

Loved the addition of Karkaroff and Snape in the courtyard, talking serious (while Snape is giving away bad points for kissing couples).

I liked the ending way better than the original. So all in all, I agreed with all the edits, furthermore i even wished for just a few more.
The audio/video edits/changes were excellent. I recommend this version for sure!

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