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(Updated: July 03, 2023)
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The first thing I noticed as this started is how much it LOOKS like an Indiana Jones movie. The color timing on the original always bugged me and the couple other fanedits I watched before this never quite fixed it for me. DonkeyKonga mentions taking out the yellow tint, but I thought the whole film had a very pleasing golden hue to it, much like the original films do. Whatever he did, I say bravo.

I most appreciate that DonkeyKonga doesn't try to twist the movie into something that it's not. It felt like he eliminated what he could where he could, but not at the cost of derailing the main story. The fridge is still there. So are the fire ants. And the swashbuckling across the cars. But with a few trims these scenes are not quite as obnoxious. (I'm actually very pro 'Nuke the Fridge'. There's a lot wrong with the original 'Crystal Skull', but I found that moment pretty inspired.)

One thing I was a little unsure about while watching this was how DK handled Mutt's relationship to Indy - not that I really want the kid to be the hero's son, there are just so many hints at it still present throughout the edit. I want to justify them by saying the original also played the "is he, or isn't he" game, just with a different conclusion. By the end I kind of like how the edit definitively says, "No, Mutt is not Indy's son" and just when you think he's going to take up the fedora, Indy snatches it away. That moment plays a little bit funnier here than in the theatrical cut because of what we (don't) know.

For all his hard work (and I'm very grateful) the editor has proven that rather than being a BAD Indiana Jones movie, 'Crystal Skull' can actually be an okay Indiana Jones movie. The worst CGI offenses are 9one (goodbye monkeys!) but it's still a film that leans way too heavily on obvious digital effects for my taste. (Say what you want about 'Dial of Destiny', but at least it doesn't look this artificial most of the time). Having watched a few 'Crystal Skull' edits, I can definitely say this will be my go-to version of the film going forward.

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