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FanFix December 07, 2021 1740
(Updated: April 13, 2023)
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Waaaaay better than the original! The studio release is just too long and drawn-out; I can't rate it higher than an 8, because all the deeper character development distracts and takes away from the watchability of a heist movie! This edit is the heist movie we wanted to get!

The only part missing which we are being robbed of is that classic Pacino line, "Because she got a... GREATASS!" which is now gone, sadly.

The audio & video quality is great; the audio editing was smooth and flawless; the video editing is probably fine, but there were two parts where it seemed to not have enough of a transition, by which I mean that we are in one place and then suddenly things are a bit too advanced along. I think those parts were 1) instantly being at the nighttime metals warehouse heist, and 2) being in the diner and then being on the road to the bank. I grant that this is not necessarily the editor's fault as there may be no material worth keeping to space out the transition. (The original movie may have spaced these scenes with character-development side story stuff which had to be cut, I get it.)

The ending is altered a bit, which I did not expect, and I do like it better though it is still not the ideal ending because of working within the limitations of material available. I did like that the credits began to be interspersed with the closing footage, that was not just acceptable but a very good creative choice.

Anyway, I'm very thankful to have found this version and it is easily a replacement of the original release.

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