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FanFix December 07, 2021 1739
(Updated: March 22, 2024)
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Heat is just about the perfect film to edit. It's an amazing movie that's an hour too long, filled with unnecessary plot elements. Long ago, there were a couple of really good SD Heat edits that are now likely lost to the ages.

DawnRazor has pulled off something great here. This is not only better than the original film, it's easily the best edit of Heat, far eclipsing the previous edits.

The picture looks great and the edits are just about seamless. There was one added stock footage clip, an overhead night time shot of LA where the video was obviously sped up and looked very out of place, but outside of that it's great. The audio is another matter, however. Heat has a brilliant 5.1 audio track that really comes alive in those incredible shootout scenes, Unfortunately the editor has decided to downgrade that to a stereo audio track, where all the brilliance of the original 5.1 audio is lost.

That said, it's not a fatal flaw. The story is the star here and DawnRazor has presented it perfectly. The closing credits sequence is an absolute masterclass in fanediting and worth the price of admission alone. Highly recommended to all.
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