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November 17, 1978... a day that will live in infamy...
This was the date that this monstrosity aired on national television to an unsuspecting public, high on the adrenaline rush of the first Star Wars movie... Kids everywhere stayed home, glued to their television sets, hoping to catch a glimpse of their intergalactic heroes... what they got was Bea Arthur pouring a drink into the top of Harvey Korman's head and upwards of 10 minutes of non-stop Wookie-speak.

That night, four young Burger Chef employees were murdered in Speedway, Indiana, and the next day, the Jonestown Massacre took place where more than 900 people committed suicide. Was it all related? Probably. Even George Lucas wanted this monstrosity erased from the collective consciousness of mankind, but some simply could not forget the horrors they experienced that night...

Now, through the magic of fanediting, we have a better version of the Holiday Special. Yes, it's still crap. And it could use a LOT more music. But, if you're in the mood for something on the level of Disney-era Star Wars that was oddly created in 1978, this is the best way to inflict yourself with this, the equivalent of the STD of the Star Wars universe.

I highly recommend this fanedit for anyone brave enough to sit through the Star Wars Holiday Special.

NOTE: I was going to knock the enjoyment of this because, honestly, the Star Wars Holiday Special is THAT BAD, but no, I'm going to give a full 10 stars for the effort.

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