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sdavmor apr 21 2010

Three cheers for Jorge. He really went to town and his “Hellblazer” is a very strong fanedit of “Constantine”. I’ll have to go back to my copy of the original for comparison, but this may be the better cut of the film! No mean achievement. I like the addition of the subtitles during the club scene though it would have been nice had the voices been louder. i.e. just barely audible instead of completely buried in the music. I rather like the idea of Ellie and JC conversing in some other ancient “hellish” language (Tolkien’s Elvish might have worked too for a nicely geeky-yet-demonic touch since it’s a fully-functioning language). Still, providing the grit of their conversation was a good idea. Unlike JCPRuckus I had no problem with the two Evanescence tunes added to the soundtrack. I found them to work very well in the context of the mood of “Hellblazer”. Good choices IMO though the Dutch prog-metal band The Gathering might have been even better given the gothic-horror-novel feel of their 90s albums. Like joebshmoe I also didn’t miss the insect monster encounter. “Hellblazer” is definitely a fanedit I shall point others towards and one I will watch again next time I’m in the mood for an occult/action hybrid.
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