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FanFix July 16, 2019 2946
(Updated: August 24, 2019)
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This edit outshines the original on multiple levels! Don't let the "light trimming" description fool you: the trims may be small, but many. Comparing to the original release, this edit is a serious effort at improving an entertaining cult movie.

The music changes are perfect. The trims to bad humour and trashy bits are well chosen and executed. E.g. the stripper routine and subsequent scene in the car are shorter but convincingly better.

Audio is stereo (the theatrical release was mono). Setting the volume so all dialog was easy to follow, made gunshots uncomfortably loud. Realistic but not ideal. Maybe rendering at a higher bitrate will result in a clearer separation of sounds? The subtitles mitigate this minor inconvenience: you can follow all dialog without having to risk waking the kids from those gunshots.

Video comes from the DVD, not the bluray. No problem. The bluray's video detail is crisper and sharper (good) but it makes the 'dancing static' visual noise stand out worse (bad). So you're not missing anything using the DVD.

Watch this and you'll be pleasantly surprised how much tighter and less outlandish this edit is than (your memory of) the original.
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