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December 7, 2010

Sorry, but I thought this was an underachiever, both artistically and technically. Artistically, because you left a whole lot of cheese and silliness in, that could have easily been removed (the suiting up montage! Can’t believe you left that in), or trimmed, or toned down. At 104 minutes this still feels padded. And technically because the video quality is very mediocre (I watched the DVD and it looked like xvid), with at least a couple of export video glitches, and a stray frame at 56:23. The audio presents the awkward silences others have mentioned, plus it appears to go out of sync circa the 78 minutes mark (this might have been my player’s fault, not sure).

On the bright side, this went the right path by removing a lot of garbage, even if it didn’t go all the way. I dig the idea of this edit, even if the movie itself will still be bad no matter what’s done to it. I’d like n0march to consider the possibility of making an improved 2.0 version. Untill then, I’m afraid I can’t rate this higher than 4/10.
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