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when i think of all the classic films i have yet to see i've gotta ask myself why i've seen highlander 2 so many times. don't get me wrong it's awful when compared to highlander though i do believe it to be the best of the sequels, probably because connery is in it (though his character really shouldn't be) and i do love the scene when conner comes out of the fire a young man again.

to be honest i don't really mind the hole zeist story with the renaged version they change it to a distant past (one with machine guns) it only digs a bigger hole for itself. this version puts this story back in place. at 2 hours it felt a little long and should be looked upon as a work print, with a little more work and cuts to the film i believe highlander 2 could be salvaged

before the film the editor warns regarding the quality of footage that's been added but it didn't distract from my viewing experience. the footage is inserted as well as can but a couple of times the extra footage disrupted the narrative but i'm glad i watched this edit.

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