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The prologue narration is great, it really adds to the feeling and the new tone (a huge difference from the original).
Changing Radagast’s intro to a small cameo worked very well.

The shortening of the troll’s scene was done perfectly, this was dragged in the original, with terrible pacing. Btw, “lay down your arms, or we’ll rip his off” is a kind of a clever line, but it just doesn’t make any sense being spoken by a supposedly “stupid” mountain troll.
The warg chase section is also great.

The removal of the many “goofy comedy” bits in the goblin chase works, and the cuts are nicely done here.
The Azog reveal works much better like this, nice one.

What a great (new) ending: the slow movement in the direction of Erebor and the sound of the thrush’s little wings, this is a much better way to forebode about Smaug, much more subtle and more effective because of that. Great editing choice here!

Congrats for all this work! I’ve seen a few edits of The Hobbit, including 3-to-1 film and 3-to-2 films edits. In terms of maintaining the original 3-film structure while improving pretty much all there is to improve, this is my go-to version.

Disclaimer: I’ve watched DonkeyKonga’s trilogy before release, and made a few (minor) suggestions to the author that ended up in the final version. My review is not changed by that, though.

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