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(Updated: April 04, 2024)
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A month back I watched Wraiths roughly 4 hour Legendary edit of the Hobbit trilogy and while I enjoyed the edit for being more closer to the book, I felt the movies pace was little to fast missing a lot of moments Jackson had in which we got to breath and flesh out the characters. Fortunately I think I found the edit I was looking for.
DonkeyKonga's edit not only trims the fat but keeps a lot of what made The Hobbit movie enjoyable for me he stated he wasn't trying to be like the book he just wanted a better movie which I am all for Jacksons version of Rings wasn't exactly book accurate,
The pacing is just right nothing feels bloated or over long with some improvements: the redone opening not only fits the tone better its a nice wink to the book. Putting Azog the white orc at the end makes for a good surprise, Radagast being a small cameo works better here his character was kind of annoying. The silly scenes in the goblin caves are gone keeping in tone with Rings and not undercutting the action scenes.
I only encountered two very small nitpick edits they are noticeable but didn't hurt my enjoyment one was after the trolls scene we get a chase scene to Rivendale we see Gandalf behind a rock run with the dwarves out in the field then smash cut to behind another rock telling everyone to keep going. 2nd was the goblin king introduction we see him in the distance dancing about to suddenly in your face demanding questions. Those are my only problems and they are negligible at best I look forward to watching the precious cut Desolation of Smaug next. Congrats DonkeyKonga this is my favorite cut of the movie.

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