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Well, well, well.

To anyone that is a usual fanedit viewer, the fact that L8wrtr makes a new fanedit is always good news.
It is a matter of quality over quantity here.
L8 always makes his work with the higher quality: seamless view, no noticeable cuts, smooth well paced narrative...

But I am just a casual fanedit viewer, so who am I to give a long opinion on that. How pretentious.

I just wanted to thank L8 for the work being presented here. I'll try to explain why:

L8's take on the Hobbit Trilogy saves the day.

I watched Volume 1 without a blink, and the way the movie is presented made me smile several times: I remembered some good memories of my childhood when I read the original book. The way things are now presented, this feels much more like the story we first read back then.

I watched Volume 2 without a yawn, and I even cared for what was happening in front of me. I enjoyed the magic in some scenes that had got lost in the original swollen release.

The biggest surprise for me is how well paced this edit is. Volumen 1 could be more or less easy to edit but L8 succeeds in making us enjoy MORE every bit of the film, and not feeling rushed at all. Volume 2 is a true masterwork. The movies were a mess, and this edit succeeds in letting us go through a beautiful mythic story.

I enjoyed the fanedit a lot, and after watching it, I am now listening to the movie score, reading trivia and stories about it... this only happens when you really enjoy a movie.

This is a near-perfect edit of the 3 movies. Bravo! and THANK YOU.

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Owner's reply February 26, 2017

Thank you Parras!! I am glad that you enjoyed my take on it as much as you did, this was a joy for me to edit. I'm particularly pleased by your reaction to Volume 2 as that is by far the stickier one to have worked on. As you noted, Volume 1, which is essentially and edit of Unexpected Journey, was a comparatively easy task because it is by far the best of the three unedited films in my opinion, the primary task was just cleaning things up and letting the great story and acting shine through, with a few narrative adjustments to give Azog the presence I wanted. Volume 2 required far more tinkering and to tell the story that I saw hidden inside it, and making it interesting/compelling was far more challenging but worth the effort!
Again, thank you for the review and glad you enjoyed it!

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