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It has become rather difficult to review Hobbit edits here on IFDB and not be biased by one's own personal preferences, but I will try!

I think I watched the Tolkein Edit version of Wraith's project.

For starters, I'll say that starting the movie with the Prancing Pony scene was marvelous! It's a great introduction for Thorin; the scene was great, it just gets cut out of a lot of edits due to the 3-in-1 structure that most people adopt, or even the 3-in-2 structure that usually doesn't have a prologue at the start of part 2. You circumvented this by putting it at the very beginning!

Wraith states that he left no scene untouched, and that is quite apparent! He put a lot of love and careful consideration into every FRAME of these films, and has created a beautiful work of art as a result. I can't pretend to be anything other than a total amateur at this, and so I also can't pretend to think that I know how every single little scene and frame could/would be improved, so I mostly stay away from the micro-cutting. I think this led me to find the abundance of cuts here to be a little jarring, but overall I don't think most people will notice; I think it stems from the number of edits I've seen (not to mention the originals)

Other than that small nitpick, and my own personal preferences for what got cut/left in, I don't have any complaints! This is a wonderful 2-film edit of the Hobbit, and I think anyone and everyone who is interested should not only watch it, but I think they will find themselves quite pleased to see that Wraith here has provided different versions of his edit for people who desire different things to be cut or left in! "It's got a little something for everyone." Great idea here man, and great work!

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