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The Hobbit (Anti Cringe Cut / Miniseries)  - Fanedit Poster
FanFix April 18, 2019 11258
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I watched the Miniseries version of this edit and I must say that DonKamillo you are an absolute genius. Watching in this format allows for the narrative to be restructured entirely by simply adding an intro and an outro. Genius.
I have watched almost all of the edits on this site and I have never found one that left me fully satisfied. Your edit came as close to that as I think I'm going to get without simply making my own; a feat I'm not sure I'm skilled enough to attempt.
Your editing was absolutely superb, there were a few cuts that I wish you hadn't made, and a few I wish you had (the Goblin king song) but overall this is by far my favorite edit.
I think you should explore the idea of making an episode 4.5 that contains the Dor Guldur subplot as an optional episode for those who care about why Gandalf dipped out for half of the series, I've found that to be the most jarring thing in many of the edits on here (and yes I know he does it in the book) so this isn't something I hold against yours.
My biggest complaint, surprisingly, was Azog being 100% gone. I think keeping him in as the orc commander would have been fine, he just doesn't need the back story PJ gave him.
Thanks for hooking me up, I'll be watching this edit for many years to come!

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