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(Updated: November 29, 2021)
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I’ll keep this one relatively short and sweet. If you want a version of the Hobbit movies that trims away the worst offenders, but retains roughly 90% of its runtime, TM2YC’s trilogy is for you. The final part here was very much in line with the quality I’ve come to expect after watching the first two, and it is a job well done. For me, there’s far too much of the originals present for a truly enjoyable experience, but again, this edit was made for the people that enjoyed 90% of what the original films had to offer! So, if that’s you, look no further than The Battle of the Five Armies – Entirely Respectable Edition!

I did not notice any obvious trims or cuts or weird glitches. This edit is of studio quality, for all intents and purposes!

My opinion of these films is heavily biased, so do not take my enjoyment rating as a full measure of the quality here. TM2YC has done a great job, this edit just wasn’t made for me.

Here’s a sort of play-by-play I wrote up as I was watching:

- Starting off with Dol Guldur was a solid move
- Gets it out of the way early for those of us who don’t care for it
- It was also cut and spliced to flow better!
-As with the last film, the Tauriel/Kili dynamic is still here, and I still hate it, but TM2YC has removed the third piece of the “triangle” and has made it much more….tolerable. I always thought Legolas looked super weird but I never realized he was CGI’d until reading your changelog just now lol.
- Legolas’s character in these films seems older and wiser than in Lord of the Rings which is super frustrating
- TM2YC I want you to know that I’m trying REALLY hard to not let my hatred of Drowned Galadriel (I appreciate the regrade!) and the White Council vs Nazgul fight affect my Enjoyment score too much
- I never really minded the Sandw- er I mean Earth Eaters, and they’re not silly, so, no hate here
- I think I’d probably put the troll head-smashing through the wall at 1:18:30 in the “silly” category
-I wasn’t expecting another rendition of Misty Mountains for the breakout, I thought I’d seen them all! It sounded kinda wonky to me but you get bonus points for its inclusion!
- I feel like Alfrid’s final scenes of stuffing coins into his corset to make him look like an old lady with huge boobs definitely classifies Not-Respectable. Honestly at least 75% of Alfrid’s contributions to these films are ridiculous and silly
- Legolas holding onto the bird….not sure if I’d call that silly or cringe-y. Also decapitating like 45 orcs during said flight. Again, not sure if it’s silly or cringe inducing, which I suppose aren’t the same thing
- Gandalf’s little song reference to the Fellowship was neat!

Great job TM2YC, I will be recommending your version to people who liked most of what Peter Jackson did, but not all of it!

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