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Me after watching DonkeyKonga Hobbit edits "My Precious"

Just finished watching this one hour ago and much like my Desolation of Smaug review this is my definitive cut of Battle of Five Armies everything once again works wonderfully editing transitions from the prologue foreshadowing Thorin's sickness and continuing right where movie 2 ends showing the fallout of Smaug on lake town. Great editing throughout the battle everything is streamlined and tighter without all those ridiculous eyerolling moments (Legolas walking on falling bricks) but I was really surprised at the fight between Azog and Thorin and how it was handled. Some may miss the fight but I actually like this choice cause the fight itself was one of those ridiculous moments and Azogs death was a forgone conclusion that didn't need to be dragged out and it is closer to the book this way.
I am glad you kept the Gandalf cleaning his pipe scene with Bilbo some people don't like it but I always see a lot being said all without a word in that scene. Keeping the original ending was a good call, some think it should end with Bilbo and Gandalf parting ways but having it end as it did in theaters perfectly closes the Hobbit story while foreshadowing Rings.

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