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After the masterpiece that was Peter Jackson's "Lord of the Rings" trilogy, most of us felt less-than-enthusiastic about the final result of the Hobbit Trilogy. And as an owner of the bloated extended edition Blu-Rays, I personally felt like the magic was gone from Jackson's Tolkien vision. The Hobbit was, to me, only slightly better than the Prequel trilogies were to the Star Wars franchise.

With Fanedits, we are often left with "the best that could be managed" with weak source material (again, see the Star Wars prequels). Nothing can turn Hayden Christensen into a great actor or a believable Darth Vader. But unlike the Star Wars prequels, Stromboli Bones has revealed the absolute DIAMOND that was hidden in a chunk of coal.

Excised are the ridiculous elements and the grotesque. The excesses have been trimmed. And what we have left is an absolute worthy prequel to the cinematic masterpiece "The Lord of the Rings."

The Hobbit was Tolkien's foray into writing a story for children, set in the world of Middle Earth he had been developing for decades. "The Lord of the Rings" was a far more adult tale. Literarily, there is a completely different feel between the two masterworks, even though they were penned by the same author. When I originally saw "The Hobbit" in the theaters, there were times I felt it was hard to believe these were taking place in the same world. Thanks to the efforts of Stromboli Bones and the other prior editors who helped contribute to this fanedit, this now FEELS like it should.

The Fellowship of the Ring was released in 2001. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey was released in 2012. A decade is a long time for an actor to return to a role and portray a younger version of themselves. One of good things about this fanedit is that scenes with actors reprising their roles have been trimmed or minimized. Now I am able to enjoy the film without thinking, "Wow, that actor didn't age well" or some other thoughts that take me out of the story.

For all of Peter Jackson's excesses, he at least gave us all the elements of a great film filled with great portrayals and incredible visuals. There was a lot of fat around the meat, but once that fat has been trimmed, you are left with an incredible piece of cinema and that is this fanedit's greatest achievement. Unlike Amazon's "The Rings of Power," the spirit of Tolkien resides within Jackson's "The Hobbit," and through this fanedit, we can see it clearly.

Absolutely BRILLIANT! Bravo!!! Thank you, Stromboli Bones!

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