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(Updated: July 28, 2023)
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This is a very well-done edit. Cutting nearly half the runtime from this bloated trilogy was insane. I really loved how well the "episodes" played out, especially the titles! "A Warm Welcome" worked on three different levels for that episode, it was really amazing. I loved how each episode was 1 hour but never felt cut-off too quickly.

The only things I had a question about (and maybe I just missed it) were the armies arriving at the end: how did the orcs know about the treasure; how did the humans and the elves know each other; how did the dwarves hear about the battle if Thorin&Co locked themselves away with no messengers?
If someone can answer these for me, I'll amend my review to a 10 for Narrative.
Fantastic work!

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Owner's reply August 02, 2023

Thorin & Co. barricaded themselves in, sure, but they could still see out the front gate and see the armies. The opening shot of Episode 5 is them looking out at all the elves.

I'm not 100% sure I know what you mean about the humans and elves knowing each other, the elves show up to help (although mostly just because Thranduil wants is jewels back) halfway through 4 where they then discuss their options.

The orcs knew about the treasure just because it was common knowledge, I suppose.

How did they know the Smaug was dead? Because uh.... Balin said "soon all will know.... the dragon is dead!" other than that, there isn't any other explanation. Birds or something idk XD

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