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The new prologue narration is great, it really adds to the feeling and the new tone.

Nice idea in removing the “big bear seen in the distance”, this was a great improvement. Also, cutting the “Beorn’s family killed by Azog” thing was the perfect way to go here, that subplot adds nothing to the story (and is another example of PJ’s fixation on Azog…).

Btw, someone should teach the Woodland Elves how to build defensive outer walls, these are not only very short but also fully scalable. What were they doing the previous several centuries, drinking wine all day? They should have worked on these walls. Great job again, Thranduil…

The many changes with the Smaug scenes at the end are great (no more cringe golden statue and Scooby-Doo chases), as is the removal of Tauriel.

The ending (starting with the end of Smaug and going into the Dol Guldur fight) works well like this, I really like it. And what a way to end the film (the last few seconds). Just like the changed ending for Part 1, the new ending for the second film of the trilogy looks impressive now, I cannot praise it enough!

Congrats for all this work! I’ve seen a few edits of The Hobbit, including 3-to-1 film and 3-to-2 films edits. In terms of maintaining the original 3-film structure while improving pretty much all there is to improve, this is my go-to version.

Disclaimer: I’ve watched DonkeyKonga’s trilogy before release, and made a few (minor) suggestions to the author that ended in the final version. My review is not changed by that, though.

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