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One of what I consider to be the "Big Five" of the Hobbit-editing world, and one of the first few I watched!

If you're looking for a version of the original movies that retains most of its content, but cuts out the thing that are the most egregious offenders of the senses, look no further than Adam Dens's Original Two-Film Structure.

Like I stated above, this film is one of the longer edits of the trilogy, with 2.5 hours cut out. However, Adam has greatly restructured how these films work so that it flows much better. At first I hated that he cut out the Eagles, but it grew on me. I will forever critique Tolkein's reliance on Deus ex Machina, and Adam has found a great way to remove the biggest offender, despite my initial pushback on the matter!

I personally don't care for the Dol Guldur scenes, especially the Ringwraith fight, but Adam restructured it all and removed most of the "worst" bits so that it was at the very least tolerable for me! (if you don't mind the subplot, you'll be just fine!)

All in all, this is one of the very best edits out there, especially if you're someone who found themselves enjoying MOST of the things Peter Jackson did, but not quite ALL of it.

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