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Review by boon23 — November 4, 2008 @ 4:30 am

The edit:
This is a 1h version of Ang Lee’s HULK. More than half of the movie went into the trashcan – and I might add: rightfully so. The original was for many people an unbearable piece of junk. Dragging, long, ridiculous, badly acted, overanimated etc.
The new version is tight and follows a clear plot: The Hulk is revealed through the failed experiment, confronted by his mad scientist father, persecuted, tortured and experimented with by the army and finally … see for yourself.

The edit works great. It is a huge improvement over the original movie, at times it is really fun to watch it, thrilling, entertaining and Jorge managed to get rid of so much of the over-animation. This Hulk rocks.

I enjoyed watching it a lot for about 50 minutes, then the finale started and once again I found myself thrown out of the movie. I just didn’t get it. All this transforming of power and objects, well, too weird for me.

The image edit quality is perfect as is the audio edit quality. One huge problem is the low volume mix of the DVD. Without surround system it is really very quiet and increasing the volume with the remote to the max unfortunately leads to white noise.

image editing: 5 of 5
audio editing: 4 of 5
entertainment: 4 of 5
effort: 5 of 5

Image quality:
The image quality is great. It’s perfect. I found the image sharp, detailed, colorful.
video quality: 5 of 5

Audio quality:
The audio is great, yet suffers from a low volume level. This is the one problem of this edit, but could easily be fixed.
audio: 3 of 5

The presentation is a typical Jorge DVD. Warning –> static menu, scene selection, info.

It is nice and effective. Still it could be improved a lot by adding animation, sound, extras. The cover art, disc art and slip are cool.
presentation: 4 of 5

resulting in a 4 of 5 overall rating from me. Would have been 5 of 5 if the audio was louder and the finale would have worked a bit better (which is of course subjective – as is this entire review)

This is about the best what can be done to the HULK. Congratulations for creating such a cool movie from this, what many would call unsalvageable. This shows once again the great potential of fanedits and for me this replaces easily my original DVD in my shelf. For this fanedit lots and lots and lots of work was needed and it clearly shows. I am a huge Jorge fan and I tend to stay one, because he won’t let me down.
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