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2008's The Incredible Hulk is easily in my Top Five Favourite Marvel Cinematic Universe movies.
I love the DVD release even more with it's 45 minutes of extra deleted scenes, as I would have been very happy with an almost 3 hour theatrical cut. Thankfully we have the Tomahawk Extended Edition to fill that dream.

But if you are looking for something that fits in between those two, then we have your answer right here with Lapis Molari's newest fan edit.

Pacing has been improved while character beats have been bolstered., strengthening the overall narrative considerably.

I love all the choices made for re-inserted deleted scenes. Each one adds extra depth and insight to the characters and their motivations. Unfortunately, all the deleted material used appears to be of a different frame rate (???) as they all have a distracting jittery quality. The audio levels of the deleted scenes also seem slightly different from the main material.

Lots of great choices made regarding the trims and changes. I thought the 'Love Scene" was masterfully edited.

There was a brief moment where the audio goes out of sync when Betty says, "It's okay", in the cave. And you can hear the cut during the factory scene when Banner is beaten and throw in the shadows behind crates. But these are brief blips on an otherwise nicely cut project. The additional new music was very well done.

I thought the newly redesigned End Credits scene was very clever! Though the Coulson footage really popped out at me, as it was of a significantly higher quality than the main feature.

But in the end, it is all about story, and on that front, this fan edit succeeds wonderfully.

A very fun watch.
Thumbs Up for me.

Owner's reply August 21, 2021

With the help of your eagle-eye feedback, I've fixed the two audio glitches and achieved a small but visible improvement in the most-jittery deleted scenes.

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