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I've never been a big fan of the Hunger Games, I enjoy the second movie and a great part of the first, the books were nice but they did not make me a fan either, however it is obvious that due to the success of the whole franchise Decided to continue with the fashion of dividing the last delivery in two, which gave 2 films, which although they were not terrible films, lost the emotional connection that had been achieved in the second film. At the time of truth the fourth ni I even saw it in cinemas and waited for it to come out in homemade format.

The edition tries to turn it into a 3-hour movie and it succeeds in its objective, I do not remember much of the originals, so I can not say that I miss something (except for Snow's background), I can say that if you're a fan of the books this edition, probably be to your liking, although it is not a purist edition is quite close to the feeling of books to keep the focus on District 13 and the Rebellion.

Most of the problems of the edition were in part the original ones, Gale's disappearance in the last act, the unnecessary death of Finnick, the pace, etc. As for the edition, I do not remember any element that I miss, I've only seen the edition as a single movie, I have not yet had time to see it in a marathon, as the editor suggests, but as for an individual film, I recommend it in Particular, if you are a fan of other films.

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