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Overview - An inspired concept here. Editing In The Mouth Of Madness, and adding sequences from Event Horizon. At first thought, one would doubt this would be a wise combination. Yet both films are major reality disconnects, and the linking device is focusing primarily on Sam Neill’s characters. Turns out RollWave is onto something.

Video - From smooth transitions to jarring, hard cuts, everything works. A few of the edits were diabolically clever, passageways in particular. Near the end, watch for visual easter eggs. Brilliant.

Audio - Very good work combining two different sound designs. I watched the mkv file and the sound was a detailed 5.1. Only problem I had was with sections of dialogue, particularly Jürgen Prochnow’s mumbling. I dialed the volume up, invariably just before an avalanche of sound. Can’t fault RollWave for this, but for those with sensitive eared roommates, be forewarned.

Narrative - This is not an equal sharing of movies. The burden of the edit is in Carpenter’s film, which is the far stronger film, in intelligence, in plot, in acting. All to the good. The additional scenes from Event Horizon enhance the breakdowns of characters. These are often hard cuts, but character reactions sync perfectly. The story of spiraling descent into derangement, individual and societal, stays on track throughout.

Enjoyment - I did not think I would like this. Wasn’t until I scanned favorable and insightful reviews that I took the plunge. This is not a replacement for Carpenter’s original film, but it is an astounding parallel version. For those who may be turned off by Event Horizon, the best scenes seemed to have been used, and inserted judiciously.

Most entertaining, intelligent Horror labyrinth. Superlative effort.

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