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(Updated: September 05, 2012)
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Quite often footage that gets left on the cutting room floor ends up there for a good reason. Having recently seen the Avengers deleted scenes, with the exception of maybe one or two of them, I would say those scenes are pretty poor and would possibly detract from the film should they all be put back in. Not so with The Incredible Hulk! The scenes that Quickcut has added back into this film really do improve the film.

It seemed like Lou Letterrier really wanted the core of this movie to be about Bruce and his struggles, rather than an endless display of Hulk outs. And this edit really demonstrates this. We get a lot more of Edward Norton's soul searching, and the reinstatement of the love triangle between Bruce, Betty, and Phil from Modern Family. These scenes really do add weight to the drama, and while they obviously slow the movie down (30 mins is quite a lot!), it was an improved experience overall.

I still think this is not a great film overall, but that has more to do with the visual aesthetic than the acting, story or effort by those involved. My major problem with this film is that it is just ugly. The movie chose to go with a grey/green color palate for obvious reasons, and this works to an extent. The early chase scenes have a gritty realism ala Bourne, but then the Hulk CGI really lets it down for me. Maybe they didn't have the budget to pull it off convincingly, but I really dislike the design of this Hulk (The Ruffalo Hulk is perfect IMO) and the CGI execution. Hulk and abomination are just so visually ugly, it's hard to enjoy watching them fight for 15 minutes at the end. Anyway...

Technically, this edit is pretty good. The image quality is not what it could (should?) be for DVD quality - it's quite grainy at times, and there was a consistent stuttering quality to the movement that was most evident during tracking shots, which looked perhaps like a frame rate issue? It wasn't too distracting though, and I was able to ignore it after a while and just enjoy the film.

Well done QC, you've improved on the original story, and made a film closer to what was probably originally intended for this movie before the studio got in the way.

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