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the incredibale hulk maybe one of the more underrated comicbook movies, for some reason you get the feeling that marvel would rather you forget all about it. coming out the same year as iron man it may have been overshadow in terms of box office and critical acclaim but it's a great. it's the kind of film that i wish marvel studios would make as it doesn't rely on goofy characters and childish humour like some of their more recent efforts.

they have been many a rumour why norton didn't return to the character of bruce banner, one being that marvel wanted a leaner hulk movie given how the ang lee hulk was so poorly received. with the home release of the hulk you got to see the many scenes that could have fleshed out certain aspects that the film. most notably the love triangle between bruce, betty and her new boyfriend. this element worked really well with the extended cut and should have been included in the theatrical cut.

i also liked the new opening scene, watching it on it's own i was glad they left it out but inserted into the film it really works in showing just how low our hero has gotten. however i do feel they are many scenes within this edit that didn't work and slowed down the pacing of the film. the scene between bruce and betty at the uni, general ross speech and the scene between ross and Blonsky to name a few. these i felt really slowed down the film when it needed to moved a lot quicker. i'm really glad the stark scene was moved till the end, though it's a excellent scene it did for me steal the thunder from nortons performance.

unfortunately the scenes don't match in terms of colour tone which isn't a problem but they did look a little pixilated at times. also the audio was a lot lower making some scenes difficult to understand what was being said. overall at 140 mins i feel this is a little to long and could have done with a few certain scenes not to be included. but it's an enjoyable experience at seeing a longer hulk movie

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