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(Updated: February 23, 2019)
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When it comes to underrated Marvel Cinematic Universe installments, I will always go to bat for The Incredible Hulk. I've always loved that film and I still love it today. Edward Norton is still my favorite actor ever to play Bruce Banner and the Hulk. The original Incredible Hulk film is a ridiculously fun, very tightly paced action film with stunning visual effects and a really compelling book at Banner feeling tortured by and conflicted with the mean green beast within. With this fanedit, many deleted scenes are incorporated back in so it can more closely resemble the script Norton wrote and it's absolutely phenomenal. The added scenes are integrated into the story near-flawlessly and they add so much more character and plot development and story depth that makes the events that play out much more engaging and tense. Even the relationship between Bruce and Betty Ross is strengthened greatly here. The opening even features Bruce trying to commit suicide but then the Hulk stops this from happening, an event that's referenced in The Avengers. This is an absolute must-see for anyone who loves the Hulk like I do.

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