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Extended Edition September 19, 2013 14694
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Overall, definitely improved the film by adding in the deleted scenes. Especially the opening prologue. Really helps establish the character arc banner goes through and makes the end feel earned and different from his starting place.

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September 02, 2021
Wondering what was not good about the source quality and A/V editing for this? I have a copy and didn't notice anything, and you didn't mention anything in your review....
March 12, 2024
LOVE this edit! I've been a Hulk fan since a little kid and I thought Ed Norton did a really great job as Bruce Banner in this film and certainly this version of the Hulk is nothing like the one they gave us when the Gruffalo took over and ruined the character. But watching this amazing Tomahawk take on the Norton film makes me realise just how fantastic it could have been without the studio intereference. Ebverything here feels more fully fleshed out - which is only appropriate given its the giant green guy we're talking about!
This is now my go-to celluloid version of the movie. Thanks so much.
2 results - showing 1 - 2