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(Updated: July 26, 2015)
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A classic popcorn movie just got popcornier. This edit moves along at a good pace and ends neither late nor early, but precisely when thecuddlyninja means it to. The removal of Vivica Fox seriously dialed down the babe quotient (or the fox quotient), but this was balanced by the joyous near-removal of Randy Quaid, making those two cuts a karmic wash.

There's a bit of untruth in the title, as Goldblum's character spends time with his dad and his ex-wife, and the PotUS character (I'm told the actor has a name) has a brief moment with his child, but these aren't serious grievances, at least not serious enough to issue a fatwah against the faneditor. The aliens are probably one big family (they look inbred to me), and that has me lightly fingering the fatwah button. . . without any real intention of pressing it.

The picture quality is generally good, but there are some minor visual issues: the black levels of the title cards don't quite match the black levels that immediately follow. Also, the custom titles look pixelated and videogamey, but then again, the whole movie is videogamey and these titles are a small fraction of the edit, so again, no fatwah.

Listen up, mofos—this is a fun edit. I look forward to other works by this faneditor. Or else. . . fatwah.

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