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Kingdom of the Crystal Skull has always been one of those movies where I've not followed the popular opinion, since I never HATED the movie but was merely disappointed by it. IMO, the biggest flaw with the Theatrical cut was that while a great idea for an adventure movie, it just didn't feel like the sort of adventure Indy would actually be on. Topping it off, Indy felt more like a sidekick in his own movie! You spent a good chunk of the time wondering why he was there at all. So, needless to say, I've been waiting a long time for a fanedit that really thoroughly addressed the problems with this movie.

IMO, the Covenant Edition is that fanedit.

The movie is now brisk and exciting! It not only feels like an Indiana Jones movie now, Indy is now unquestionably the hero and the protagonist just as much as in previous films. The over-the-top goofiness is gone, the annoying McCarthy/Cold War subplot is gone, and the straight Sci-Fi elements have been HEAVILY redacted. Overall, this is a GREAT cut of this movie and has permanently replaced the Theatrical cut in my collection

Now, I do have some issues with this cut, but in general I think they're nitpicks:

- The most minor one first, and something that won't be a problem for anyone else, but I never like when editors alter the title of the movie's title card. Again, super minor.

- I'll need to look at it again, but movie feels like it starts VERY abruptly. Looking at the cut list, I think this is because you cut the CGI gopher at the start and, as a result, the Elvis song cuts in wrong. It feels like something is missing. Again, maybe I'm wrong and you did do this, but I'd recommend at least keeping the audio for that shot and playing it behind the Paramount logo.

- I love how you tie up the Nevada sequence! That said, it again feels VERY abrupt transitioning from there to the train platform and Mutt's introduction. We don't get any sort of establishment for Indy back in the city at all. Perhaps it works on multiple viewings, but the first impression is that we need something there.

Otherwise, great job! ^_^

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