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(Updated: January 26, 2014)
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some things are be left alone, and the Indiana jones trilogy is perhaps the best example. after a long period the fourth film for me like many was a disappointment. though my own personal expectations weren't too high after seeing what George Lucas did with the star wars prequels. and so as with the star wars prequels many faneditors have tired to give the fourth Indiana jones film a make over

TM2YC edit is solid attempt in trying to improve the film, gone is the nuke town to which coined the phrase 'nuke the fridge'. to be honest i didn't mind this sequence it gave us a iconic image of indy standing near the mushroom cloud and is no more plausible to other events that have taken place within the series. that being said the removal here is done well and moves the story along at a quicker pace.

one of the main issues with the original film was the character of mac and his continued flipping from one side to the other. this character is poorly written and i don't feel it's a good performance from the normally solid ray winstone. the editing is done really well though his character has little to do towards the end of the film. it is also obvious that it's his hand that pointing the gun at the end but a editor can only work with what he has.

the only thing that stood out as being awkward was the car/cliff jump. the editing here seemed to imply that the cliff wasn't so high and wasn't that great a risk. also the pit/snake scene perhaps should have been left alone. it's a terrible scene to begin with and only serves to remind us of Indiana's fever of snakes. i feel with some edits perhaps editors try and change to much and sometimes some things should just be left alone (no matter how bad they maybe)

but looking at the cut-list there are a lot of changes made all of which are done to a very high standard. overall i enjoyed this version more than the original but it's still a average film within a excellent film series.

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Owner's reply January 26, 2014

Yes I agree, the Snake and the Tree/Jeep jump removals aren't really good enough but I couldn't except a big rubber snake and that awful Jeep scene remaining in a cut I wanted to watch, so yeah I pushed it on those two spots.

Check out TMBTM's new edit for a much better dispatching of the Jeep jump's silliness. He resorted to some clever and seemless FX work (Which is way beyond my skills or software).

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