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(Updated: February 27, 2020)
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Great work!

Like many others I decided to marathon these bad boys once again but chose to do it the fanedit way.

I'm appalled now that I have grown to dislike the Indiana OT, but impressed that this edit didn't leave the same sour aftertaste.
Against all odds, I now consider this to be my favorite movie of the bunch.

I'm not particularly sure if its the edit's merit, but I think Indy is much more of a character this time around.
I mean, after a fresh binge-watch I was having trouble seeing him as a good guy, since he has always been a cynical gung-ho with an itchy trigger finger, a bonafide tomb raider that has no problem with putting in body bags anyone who stands in his way of feeding respectable museums in God-fearing countries.
Here he's much more of a scholar that knows his way around and surprisingly uses his brains more than his fists.
What I do know it's the edit's merit, is that freaking Mutt is much more tolerable and even likeable now.

Everything is seamless and the bloat is long gone thank you very much. Yes, "enjoyably unrealistic adventures" is definitely the formula, so even if the good guys evade gunfire like they weren't even there and make fools of trained military men, the fact that the signature slapstick with drastic tone changes from previous movies is nowhere to be found gives way for a much more palatable and straightforward treasure hunt that, this time, doesn't revel (too much) on period politics and repetitive cowboy action.

I did feel some frames were a bit janky at some spots, but nothing that distracting.

And like others have said, the attention to detail really shows during the edit.


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