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Fully expecting this year’s Indy 5 to be typical modern garbage from Team Kennedy at Disney Minus, I wanted to revisit this one and see if any talented editor managed to salvage it. But that would be asking too much. No editing can fix the PS3 cut scenes: primarily the extended chase scene (although the vine-swinging is thankfully cut as much as possible), and the ridiculous green screen ending. Improve, but not fix. Too many bad ideas and sequences are hard baked into the film. Too many bad performances (Ford stops phoning it in so much later on but the villainess chokes on the scenery and not in a good way.) Somehow the flick is too formulaic too.

If you’re struggling to pick a version to watch, I heartily recommend this one. I actually initially chose Race with the Devil but as soon as I saw the CGI gopher at the start of that version of the film I switched over to this edit. My thinking being that any editor who would leave that stupidity in the film would likely make other bad decisions. Maybe I’m wrong, but I’m happy I went with 15MAF. I can’t imagine this movie can be fixed further than it is fixed here without rewrites and reshoots.

Something I noticed that I’m not sure is new to this edit or not but a couple times the score sounded very Star Trek.

Anyway, thank you 15MAF! Stellar job. I watched this on a really good 4k tv and it looked perfect. Soon I’ll watch the 4K disc and see how it compares. Wish me luck.

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