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15MaF has clearly put in a lot of work here, and I'm not sure I'm familiar enough with the film to appreciate it (so apologies if I misinterpret changes). I have seen Crystal Skull a few times over the years in different forms, but it's been a little while and I've probably only seen the theatrical cut twice. I can't say I've ever been a fan but I mostly chose to watch this version as a refresher before seeing The Dial of Destiny, thinking it might be a better option than the theatrical. For sure, there are aspects I remember disliking that are gone. I also think there are some rather odd things that presumably can only have come from cuts. Mac being practically mute in the opening is a bit strange, and Marion seems to have barely any dialogue. On that level, the narrative takes a small hit.

Visual editing is very good. What was done with the countdown timer looked seamless to me. The opening removal of the prairie dogs is also very well done. The ending with the aliens is a superior presentation - a bit more subtle. Aspects come across slightly fanedity, but overall I think it holds up well and is an improvement over the alternative.

Audio editing is largely good. There were several moments, mainly at the beginning, where I noticed cuts. They aren't jarring, they just feel off/less smooth than ideal. It was normally noticing something was slightly off that reminded me of what was cut and brought certain absent moments back to memory. But I think sometimes it's a rhythm thing - the pace of the cuts. You get into the flow of the film's editing style, and cuts can be smooth but not always in line with what your brain expects. Much like when a beat is slightly pushed or pulled in a piece of music.

Enjoyment: honestly, this is a less offensive watch than some options, but the film also comes across as mediocre. Polishing a turd, as they say. You can tell that character moments have been trimmed down in order to achieve something that's a bit less silly, but it kind of exposes just how underwhelming everything else is. I think if you already like the film and feel it would benefit from a few nips and tucks, then this is probably a good option. As for me, I'm not sure there's any version of this film that's going to be for me. In fact, at this point, I'm not sure I need to see the film again.

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