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(Updated: September 12, 2012)
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October 13, 2008

I watched this again last night and I was in awe. It was as enjoyable as when I saw it in the theater as a kid. Since then, I have “grown up” and the over the top moments seem to stand out more and more. Luckily, Infodroid has given me back the Indy I remember as a kid.
The editing was flawless. The pacing was much improved, I never got bored. Excellent menus, cover and disc art really make this the complete package.
I think the only issue I had was his cutting the “Fortune and Glory” speech Indy gave Short Round before they left for Pankot. It might have been cut to help the pacing, but it would also give a bit of meaning when Willie uses the phrase later in the movie.

This edit takes me back to when I first saw the original. I paid for the whole seat, but I only used the edge.

Rating: 5 Slugs.
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