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I'm not a fan of TOD, though I was when I was a kid as it was the first one I saw in the cinema. I prefer the other 2 or 3 nowadays depending on the cut. But here you do have Indy in his prime, the lighting, cinematography, music, stop motion FX and set pieces that are fantastic viewing in isolation to the whole. But Willie Scott is simply the dip shit incarnation of superficial hypergamy. So although this franchise is pretty schlocky, her character is just an exasperating presence that always has me wanting turn the bloody thing off. Not blaming Capshaw necessarily as those putting her in there to begin with were deluded.

That said, Lapis has improved the effect of Scott's interference in the film to quite some degree, especially with Indy and Short Round's friendship and the card game scene that others here have rightly commended. "Hey lady, you call him Dr Jones" - Short Round always did have her number.

I'm not sure some of the grotesque or icky visuals taken out wouldn't have justified their inclusion in spite of annoying Scott reaction shots, because at least there were revolting contexts to tolerate her for. Plus some of the dodgy FX could have survived as some optical composites you can forgive or have them tarted up a little, as it did feel like watching a censored TV broadcast at times. The inflatable raft sequence trims and Roller-coal-cart trims really did smooth things out very nicely. The back end of the film played out very well indeed and I'm sure there were other less explicit edits that benefit the flow along the way.

Scott will never be a strong female character, but this is the best you'll get from her.
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