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What I have to say is right on line with other reviews - This edit effectively transforms a very good movie into a spectacular one.

First and foremost, the best cuts in this movie we’re removing all the petty conflict associated with Tom. This not only diminished his character, which leaves you disgusted with him, it heavily disrupted the emotional flow and intensity of the movie. The removal of the unnecessary conflict kept me much more engaged and sympathetic to everyone in Cooper’s family. This made the movie feel much more gut wrenching as opposed to feelings of disgust and anger.

Unfortunately, the removal of the conflict does create some minor confusion as to what happened and is going on with Tom. While that is an unfortunate side effect of the cuts, I feel the pros vastly outweigh the cons.

I feel just as complementary about the music as others here. It really added to the emotional sting from watching the movie.

The removal of some of the forced humor also helped the movie flow better. This movie is supposed to be serious and have you feeling strong emotions. Some of the jokes in the theatrical release also disrupted the strong emotions this movie was supposed to make you feel.

This edit is exactly how fan edits are supposed to be done. Several micro changes leading to a macro result. I am a big fan myself of astrophysics. This effectively turned a movie I liked very much to one I will be certain to keep and rewatch in the future.

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