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Interstellar: WWG
FanFix December 31, 2022 3283
(Updated: June 26, 2024)
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My review of the 2022 version:
I love the original film, but I do love this version even more. So many "small" edits to make this a focused story, now it never leaves the main themes. I've never noticed the many small annoyances (that are kinda frequent on Christopher Nolan's films, despite his genious) that make the film a little less enjoyable. All of them are gone here, and what an experience it is now! Never going back to the original, this is it for me!

Edit June 17, 2024, adding my review of the hybrid greyscale/color 2024 version:
Love the idea of a hybrid greyscale/color, mimicking Nolan’s other films. A very interesting meta-reference! A lot of small annoyances were trimmed or removed (like Amelia's eye-roll, it was just awkward).
Funny, the editor really doesn’t like the poem, hum? The film and the story don’t lose anything without it, that’s true; and it was overused into gratuitousness.
I like both the wormhole and Gargantua scenes in greyscale; the visual effects are still clear but things became more abstract and immaterial; it’s a really cool effect and it helps with the narrative.

The small shot from Cooper's crash is a smart editing choice when they’re landing on Miller's planet, it increases the tension a lot. Really effective editing in the section “before the next wave hits”; the sound and the slow fades are a very elegant solution to make the perceived time inapprehensible, something like a “Temporal Fog”. The wide shots on Mann’s planet become incredible in greyscale; then again, I’m really into greyscale (when it’s done right).

Another great editing showcase at the "Ammonia" sequence; it was too dispersed in the original, and the stakes at the 3 different places weren’t nearly at the same level, so it felt weird. Focusing only on the 2 main things happening, and limiting the intercutting between them, improved this section a lot.

Also, no burning the corn; this idea is really preposterous and corny (sorry…) And removing the scenes with all the yelling and the family melodrama actually focus the film in the main “concurrent” events, the Tesseract and Murphy brilliantly realizing who the Ghost was. Amazing editing here! The reveal “It was you” becomes so much better without all the yelling and the forced countdown of Tom returning (while making Tom less of a jerk).
Also, Murph's face as a reaction to the storm approaching the farm was very nice editing.

Side thought: what created the conditions to save Humanity were both Cooper’s love for his children and Mann’s cowardice / desperation; this is great writing. This is emphasized in this edit, because of the many changes to the film’s final section.

I can’t say enough good things about Cooper “falling” into Tesseract and color gradually returning to the world; this section became mesmerizing and truly unique. The color helps to give the impression that Cooper is truly outside of time / in another dimension.
And cutting to both young Murph’s and adult Murph’s time in greyscale really works, this is impressive!

Edit June 26, 2024, updating my review because all the previous issues are either fixed or are due to the faneditor’s choice, fully explained and justified:

The changed section starting at 02h02m30 is an impressive editing showcase. My interpretation: the yell represents Cooper fighting against extreme g-forces, trying to stay awake, and losing the battle; then, at the threshold of losing conscience, he’s still hanging on; after this, represented by the sudden audio silence, he fully loses his conscience, and (just like him) we lose track of time, he could have been down for 2 sec or 2 hours; from all he may have seen in his “dreams”, he only remembers the quick glimpse of young Murph. In the original, it was obvious that we woke because of the loud alarm; here, it’s not clear. I could say the he could only hear the alarm because his conscience was already coming back; the way it’s edited, the alarm sound is only audible after Cooper opens his eyes. So, I would interpret it as his memory of Murph (or his “mystical” connection with her) was what got him up again.
Great editing!

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