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Interstellar: WWG
FanFix December 31, 2022 3283
(Updated: June 26, 2024)
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This is my updated review following the 2024 version of this edit. Original follows.

This new version is very good. An improvement over the previous one without a doubt. I like that it reinstates the original score instead of the music used in the previous version. It also improves some cuts and keeps the most important modification, in my opinion, the removal of the family conflict at the farm towards the end of the movie. Everything else that was cut does not remove anything important to the story or the enjoyment. In my opinion.

The black and white is looking very good. I think it even adds something to the scenes taking place outside of Earth. They feel like they were supposed to be that way. Or probably it is because a lot of work was put in by the editor.
I definitely recommend watching this version to experience Where He’s Going.
I discussed my very few minor notes with the editor after watching and everything seems to work as intended. So I guess I have to revise my previous scoring and give it all 10s. Seriously, I don't know how I could justify otherwise.

2023 version:
Where We’re Going is better than the original in my opinion. The most important change is the treatment given to older Tom and his refusal to leave the farm. Removing these scenes greatly improves the experience. I wonder if it was originally there only to give Murph a reason to go back to the farm?
The music added is also interesting. It’s folk, it’s grounded, it reminds us of the fields and the earth. I wish it didn’t replace the sound of rain and thunder in Cooper’s ‘‘iPod’’ though. That one moment in the original movie made me feel insignificant and alone. I was riveted to my seat and impressed by the imagery of Saturn overlaid with the background noise of Earth’s weather. Where we’re going uses music instead and misses to make me feel something other than nostalgia.
Other audio cuts have gotten me out of the movie for a second and both are similar but not really bad. We can hear Professor Brand and Murph talking, in two different scenes, when their lips aren’t moving. In the case of Brand I know it’s a creative choice, in Murph’s case I guess it was just a hard cut to make. And that’s it, only these minor nit picks for the entire movie.
I really like the credits at the beginning, simple but efficient. I like the various cuts made to dialogue, they all feel relevant to me. And I think they achieve the goal of getting better pacing throughout the movie.
I will rewatch Interstellar and when I do, I’ll be watching Futon’s edit for sure!

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