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Interstellar: WWG
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VISUAL EDITING: Many of the cuts (and there were MANY) went unnoticed by me, which is incredible considering how many there were. A small handful of the edits were slightly more obvious to me because I have seen the movie a dozen times, but if I hadn't I seriously doubt I would have noticed.

DIALOGUE: Almost all of works but there were a few lines that were removed that I personally really enjoyed from the original ("and now for our next trick" really breaks the intense tension, and I always liked Amelia's laugh). Just personal preference though.

MUSIC CHANGES: I did really enjoy the folk music spread throughout, giving the movie a more classic-sci-fi-1970's feel. The new soundtrack is refreshingly upbeat and I can certainly see the benefits that it provides to a movie that is very heavy and dark throughout, BUT I personally prefer the original soundtrack as it feels more like the weight of the universe crushing down, which fits narratively.

NARRATIVE: The most striking narrative improvement was to the watch scene at the end, with the removal of the fire subplot. I always felt like it distracted from the already horrifying reality of being trapped in a tesseract, and why wouldn't she be allowed to visit her old bedroom?

LOVE?: Even though it never bothered me personally, I know a lot of people always hated the idea that love or human emotions can cross the dimensions, so I think the edit works to remove this sentimentality. My only issue is the edit should have also removed Brandt touching the ghost hand of Cooper in the wormhole since that is never explained. The whole point of that is that he and Brandt are connected emotionally, but not in this edit so much. That handshake could have been cut entirely in my opinion.
Overall given the sheer magnitude of this edit, the enormous number of changes, the vast improvement to the ending sequence, this is great, great work. If this had the original soundtrack only it would be a 10/10 for me.

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